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USCAA President Dr. Richard Zhao discusses HIV/AIDS in China on the World AIDS Day at the Voice of America (VOA)

December 1 of each year is the World AIDS Day, the USCAA President Dr. Richard Zhao was invited by the Voice of America (VOA) to discuss HIV/AIDS in China. Dr. Zhao discussed the recent trend and changes of HIV transmission in China. To see the program, please click here for Part I, Part II and Part III.  Please note loading of the video may take few minutes. A video review program such as RealPlayer player is needed to see the program. The language is in Chinese.

For other appearance of Dr. Zhao at VOA, click here.

年12月1日 是世界艾滋病日,赵玉琪博士应美国之音《保健园地》栏目的邀请,讨论了中国目前艾滋病感染的新趋势。此节目分三部分,请按此键观看第一部分,请按此键观看第二部分,请按此键观看第三部分



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