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If China does not take effective measures, China will have one of the highest number of AIDS infected people in the entire world. AIDS will become a Chinese national disaster. 

  - Yi Zeng, M.D.   Honorary Chairman of USCAA

如果中国不采取措施,中国的艾滋病病毒感染者的人数将是全世界最高的数字之一。( 美中艾滋病联盟基金会名誉会长曾毅语)

China is on a "fast track" to an AIDS epidemic and will have 10 million or more HIV/AIDS sufferers by 2010 unless its acts decisively and soon, the United Nations says3.


"There is no more time to wait. China does not have time to wait," Edwin Judd, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) representative in China3.

联合国儿童基金会驻华代表贾德:没有时间等待, 中国没有时间等待


Estimated number of adults and children living with HIV/AIDS by the  end 2000:  600,000 - 1,000,000.1 


People infected with HIV increases with an annual rate of 30%.1


Estimated number of children who have lost their mother or both parents to AIDS since the beginning of the epidemic: 4,5002

Source: 1, China Daily, August 21, 2000; 2,WHO China Update 2000; 3, CNN News, AsiaNow, Dec. 1, 2000.


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