October 26, 2006, Beijing, China


USCAA Ambassadors and Members visited HIV-infected Patients in “Home of Loving Care" Beijing YouAn Hospital

Organized by the Beijing Office of the US-China AIDS Alliance Foundation, A group of performing artists including Ms. Zheng Xulan, the legendary female soprano, Ms. Zhang Hua Min (famous Chinese folk song singer) and Ms. Zou Rui (a rising star of popular song singer) visited HIV-infected patients at the "Home of Loving Care" based in the YouAn Hospital, Beijing. All of these artists are voluntary USCAA Ambassadors. Home of Loving Care is one of the first caring homes specifically for HIV-infected patients in China and was established in November 26, 1998. As a way to encourage positive attitude and to raise of awareness of this deadly disease, these famous Chinese singers sang various songs to the patients; upon the request of a patient from Chenyang, northern part of China, Zheng Xulan sang his favorite song "the Sun Island"; Zhang Huamin sang several folk songs featured southwest of China and Zou Rui recited a popular folk song known by everyone in China representing the southern part of China "Liu Sanjie". This activity was hosted by the chief of nurse Fu of the "Home of Loving Care". Other participants include Professor Zeng Yi, the honorary Chairman of USCAA and member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Richard Y. Zhao, president of USCAA, Professor Xu Hua, Secretary General of USCAA and staff member from the Beijing office of USCAA. News media participated in this event include the Health Daily and the Shandong Education TV.

由正在筹办中的美中艾滋病联盟北京办事处组织,2006年10月26日,美中艾滋病联盟(USCAA)在北京佑安医院爱心家园开展了一次慰问演出活动。 参加本次慰问活动的有:美中艾滋病联盟形象代言人歌唱家郑绪岚、国家一级歌唱家张华敏,青年歌手邹芮,美中艾滋病联盟名誉主席中国科学院院士曾毅教授、会长美国科学家赵玉琪博士、及总干事许华教授等。郑绪岚为病友演唱了家喻户晓的“太阳岛上”;张华敏演唱了陕北民歌“五哥放羊”;邹芮唱的是快炙人口“刘三姐”。各位歌手动人的歌声让各位病友极为感动。北京佑安医院“爱心家园”成立于1998年11月26日,是我国第一家关爱艾滋病感染者和患者的非政府组织。艾滋病已不再是简单的医学问题,而是严重的社会问题。此次活动旨在鼓励病友为疾病斗争并提高大众意识。每年的“12月1日为世界艾滋病日。


Singer Zheng Xulan 著名歌唱家郑绪岚

At "Home of Loving Care" of Beijing YouAn Hospital 北京佑安医院“爱心家园”

Professor Zeng Yi talks about HIV/AIDS 曾毅院士畅谈艾滋病

Fold song singer Zhang Huamin 国家一级歌唱家张华敏

Left to right: Xua Hua,  Zheng Xulan, Richard Zhao,  Zeng Yi, Gao Jie and Liu Ke 左起: 徐华,郑绪岚,赵玉琪,曾毅,高洁,刘可

Young singer Zou Rui 青年歌手邹芮

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