December 1, 2005, Beijing, China


Special Scientific Report on "HIV/AIDS in China"

Richard Y. Zhao, Ph.D. (ed)

A special scientific report on "HIV/AIDS in China" was published by the journal of Cell Research ( at the 2005 World AIDS Day. This special report on "HIV/AIDS in China" systematically introduced the current situation of the HIV epidemic in China. It covers epidemiology, social behavior, governmental policies, and roles of non-governmental organizations, patient care and treatment, as well as areas of basic science research. This special issue is intended to provide a comprehensive and primary scientific reference to those who are interested in HIV/AIDS in China. It is believed to be the first attempt in the scientific community to describe HIV/AIDS in China in such a comprehensive way through scientific publications. Invited by Cell Research, Dr. Richard Y. Zhao, President of the USCAA serves as the special editor for this special report. An unique feature of this special report is that all of the articles included here are contributed by experts in this special field. Professor Robert C. Gallo, who is best known as the co-finder of the AIDS virus and an eminent world AIDS scientist contributed articles and remarks. Professor Gallo is the chairman of the USCAA Scientific Advisory Committee; Professor Zeng Yi, who was the first recognized HIV infection in China, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and honorable chair of USCAA also contributed article and remarks.

"Cell Research" is a top English journal published from Shanghai, China and sponsored by the Institute of Life Science and Biochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Goal to foster international scientific collaborations, Cell Research will becomes part of the British "Nature" journal family staring 2006. For the editorial overview of this special scientific report, click here.

Publication of this special scientific report has been covered by various news media including Chinese CCTV (央视国际), China News (中国新闻网), Sina News (新浪网),  (中华网), and the New World Times (Washington DC).



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  本专集论文的作者全部都是来自中国,美国,加拿大,澳大利亚等从事艾滋病防治研究的知名专家。 美国著名病毒学家、美国科学院院士,全球艾滋病病毒发现者之一罗伯特.卡洛和中国科学院院士、中国疾病预防控制中心性病艾滋病预防控制中心首席科学家曾毅教授参与撰稿并为该书写了序言。


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