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There are approximately more than 5,000 children in China who have lost their mother or both parents to AIDS since the beginning of the epidemic (Source:  China Daily, August 21, 2000; WHO China Update 2000;  CNN News, AsiaNow, Dec. 1, 2000). Some of these children are themselves infected with the AIDS virus. While most of these orphans are placed in their relative's home, they become an "extra financial burden" to their host families as they are struggling themselves financially. To improve quality of life of these orphans and to reduce financial burden to their host families, please consider to support one or more of these orphans in China. Based on the current situation in China, it is estimated that a minimum of $150 (57 a day) is needed to support an orphan in China.  You can either support a specific child (we will provide you with the name and village of this child) or send your donation to a "Support an Orphan Fund" established by USCAA. In collaboration with the China AIDS Foundation, we will be able to deliver all (100%) of your donations directly to the family that host these orphans. 


If you wish to sponsor an orphans in China, please click here or send your check or money order payable to "USCAA" 21801 Gaithers Meadow Lane, Brookeville, MD 20833, USA. The US-China AIDS Alliance Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Washington DC, Columbia District, USA. 



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