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USCAA Initiatives

US-China Scholar Exchange and Physician Training Program
With the support of AIDS-related funding agencies in the United States, USCAA has two programs. The US-China Scholar Exchange Program will allow primarily the US scientists and physicians to visit China and to give seminars and to seek opportunities to set up collaboration with Chinese scientists and physicians. The Physician training program focus on training Chinese physicians on diagnosis and clinical care of HIV-infected patients. Click here for a list of participating  U.S. laboratories to this program.

Beijing AIDS Conference

The U.S.-China AIDS Alliance will collaborate with various institution and host a series of conferences in Beijing focusing on current scientific and clinical issues on AIDS and related diseases. Beijing AIDS Conference will gather together Chinese scientists and scientists from all over the world and provide a forum to discuss critical issues and strategies on research and treatment of HIV/AIDS and related diseases.

China AIDS and STD Research Center

A long-term goal of USCAA is to establish a China AIDS and STD Research Center. The goal of this center is to establish a State-of-Art facility, which is specifically designated to research and education of AIDS and STD in China. To foster international collaboration and clinical trials, this center will also serve as a service site and provide laboratory space and technical services to scientists who wish to conduct research or clinical trials in China on short-term basis.

"Sponsor a Orphan" Project 

In collaboration with the China AIDS Foundation, USCAA is assisting China AIDS Foundation to raise fund to support children who's parent die of HIV infection or other sexually transmitted diseases. If you wish to make a donation to the US-China AIDS Alliance (USCAA) Foundation, please click here. If you wish to sponsor a Chinese orphan for $150 a year, please send your check or money order payable to "USCAA" 21801 Gaithers Meadow Lane, Brookeville, MD 20833-1819 USA.


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