October 26, 2006, Beijing, China


Chinese popular singer Mr. Qi Qin, movie star Ms. Cong Shan and a young rising star Ms. Zou Ruo join the USCAA as HIV/AIDS ambassadors

A group of famous Chinese artists accepted Dr. Richard Zhao, President of USCAA's invitation to become the USCAA HIV/AIDS Ambassadors. Among them, Mr. Qi Qin (Chyi Chin) is one of the most popular singers in China through 80's. Ms. Cong Shan, a movie star, is known by every baby boomers in China for her memorable role in a movie "Herdsman", and Ms. Zou Rui is a young singer with rising popularity. For more information about Mr. Qi Qin, click here; Ms. Cong Shan, click here; Ms. Zou Rui, click here.


Rising singing star Ms. Zou Rui with Dr. Richard Zhao

Movie star Ms. Cong Shan with Dr. Richard Zhao
Dr. Richard Zhao and Mr. Qi Qin


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