July 16, 2004, Bangkok, Thailand


Famous Chinese soprano vocalist, Ms. Zheng Xulan, serves as USCAA HIV/AIDS ambassador

Ms. Zheng Xulan, one of the most popular singers in China, has accepted invitation of Dr. Richard Zhao, the USCAA president, to become the first USCAA HIV/AIDS ambassador for the US-China AIDS Alliance. Met in Bangkok, Thailand, Ms. Zheng was invited to participate in a reception organized by the Chinese non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which is part of the XV International AIDS Conference held in Bangkok (click here for detailed information). This reception is a follow-up event of the Chinese NGOs satellite meeting "Facing Challenge Jointly". Ms. Zheng's singings were warmly cheered by many of the Chinese attendants. Other Chinese artists joined in this event include the Chinese movie stars Pu Cunxin and Jian Wenli. Ms. Zheng also accepted an invitation to become the ambassador of the China AIDS Foundation, one of the close partners of USCAA in China.

Ms. Zheng Xulan accepts invitation certificate from Prof. Zeng Yi

USCAA HIV/AIDS Ambassador, Zheng Xulan

Dr. Richard Zhao and Ms. Zheng Xulan

Ms. Zheng Xulan is a native of Beijing. She joined the Chinese Oriental Dance Troup in 1977 and studied vocal music under the supervision of Ms. Guo Shuzhen, a well-known vocal music professor at the China Music Conservatory. Ms. Zheng's singing style incorporates traditional Chinese fold singing with other Asian sings through her early singing tours in Thailand, Philippine, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau. Her song "Sun Island", which was part of a movie "Summer in Harbin", became an immediate hit throughout the mainland China in 1979. She since has been one of the most popular singers in the mainland. Other popular songs include "Ocean My Hometown", etc. Ms. Zheng and her family immigrated to the United States in 1989. She is still, however, an active singer and performer in China.


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