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Chairman of Scientific  Advisory Committee:
Professor Robert C. Gallo






World renowned HIV/AIDS scientist and
co-discoverer of the AIDS virus becomes
the Chairman of the USCAA's Scientific
Advisory Committee
USCAA Ambassador:
Zheng Xulan





Legendary Chinese soprano vocalist
Zheng Xulan serves as the first USCAA HIV/AIDS ambassador

Story: HIV/AIDS ambassador

Music: Zheng Xulan's songs

Headlight News

Honorable Chair & Secretary-General of the Executive Board:
Professors Zeng Yi and Xu Hua


Dr. Zhao discusses the challenges of HIV/AIDS in the U.S. and China at VOA during the 2010 World AIDS Conference


USCAA President Dr. Richard Zhao discusses HIV/AIDS on the World AIDS Day at Voice of America (VOA)


Famous Chinese singer Qi Qin, movie star Cong Shan and young popular singer Zou Rui join the USCAA Ambassadors


USCAA President Dr. Richard Zhao appears on the Voice of America to discuss 12th World AIDS Conference and HIV/AIDS in China, click to see the full video


Popular Chinese singer Zhang Huamin becomes another USCAA HIV/AIDS ambassador

bulletUSCAA Board of Director, Australian Supreme Court Justice Michael Kirby discusses Human Rights of Sexual Minorities at Indiana University
bullet Chinese artists and USCAA ambassadors visited HIV-infected patients in Beijing YouAn Hospital, click here for more information
bullet USCAA Board of Director Honorable Justice Michael Kirby was named as MSW Man of Australian 2005
bullet Special scientific report on "HIV/AIDS in China" was published on the World AIDS Day 2005, an effort of USCAA




Prominent Chinese HIV/AIDS experts Professors Zeng Yi & Xu Hua join the USCAA Executive Board

USCAA publishes special reports on "HIV/AIDS in China" to introduce China's HIV epidemic

New Board of Director:
Honorable Justice Michael Kirby
Australian High Court Justice and HIV/AIDS activist Michael Kirby joins USCAA Board of Directors

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