July 28, 2005, Beijing, China


Prominent Chinese HIV/AIDS Experts Professors Zeng Yi and Xu Hua Join the USCAA Executive Board

Professor Zeng Yi and Professor Xu Hua have accepted an invitation from USCAA to join the Executive Board of USCAA. Professor Zeng Yi will serve as a Honorary Chairman of the USCAA. Professor Xu Hua will serve as a Secretary General of the USCAA. This is an exciting event for the USCAA, commented by the USCAA President Dr. Richard Y. Zhao. "Professor Zeng is a figure legend of the China HIV/AIDS. He was the very first scientist who discovered HIV infection in China in early 80's. Since then, he has been a very strong advocate and leading scientist in China to lobbying for the openness and awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in China. Professor Zeng has played an undeniable role in the improvement of the HIV/AIDS situation in China". Because of his significant contribution to HIV/AIDS, he was elected to the Chinese Academy of Science. Professor Zeng was the President of the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine. He has also served as the President of the China AIDS Foundation until early this year. Professor Zeng is a currently the Vice-President of The Global Chinese AIDS Network (GCAN) and a Professor of Virology at the Institute of Virology, China CDC, and Dean of Life Sciences at the Beijing Industrial University. Professor Zeng has served as a Scientific Advisor for the USCAA since its inception. He has participated almost all of the HIV/AIDS workshops co-sponsored by USCAA in China.

Professor Xu Hua is another active advocate of the HIV/AIDS in China. He has served as the Secretary General of the China AIDS Foundation. During his tenure as the Secretary General, he worked closely with Professor Zeng and was very effective in organizing many of the very successful HIV/AIDS-related activities in China. "He is a good friend of the USCAA and has played a pivotal role in helping the USCAA's effort in promoting US-China collaborations", said Dr. Zhao. "With both Professor Zeng and Professor Xu are now on board, the USCAA is going to have an increasing visibility and contributes more to improve the HIV/AIDS epidemic in China". 

Professor Zeng Yi

Professor Xu Hua

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